Sammy Cowell Considers Thanwa as Closest Man In Showbiz

Sammy Considers Thanwa As Closest Man In Showbiz-page-001

TWSM Couple (Thor Wor Sor Mor) – Can’t get enough of these two!

Crab Dance 5555

“Don’t eat too much.” You can eat half of it then. 555 Sharing the fatness
Hey, eating at night is not good! Yet you’re still eating with her 555

TW: “Someone asked me in LIVE today if I think you’re pretty. I said, to me, Sammy is the prettiest in here (pointing to his chest). In my nipple. ”
SM: “Not in your heart? Many people may have misunderstood that it’s his heart but really it’s his nipple.”

You’re the prettiest in my nipple

TW: “Am I worried of Sammy taking a sexy photoshoot? Very worried. I told her it’s too brazen.”

Shake head in disapproval over Sammy’s sexy photoshoot for FHM Thailand

Welcome back!!

SM: “They asked, is my photoshoot pretty?”
TW: “I think it’s too brazen.  I don’t like it much.”
SM: “No. Is it pretty?”
TW: “Pretty. It’s pretty. But I think it’s too brazen.”
SM: “The end!”

It’s pretty so end of conversation!

SM: “Cook steak salmon for me tomorrow.”
TW: “What sauce do you like?”
SM: “Non fat.”

Who knew explaining how to make a passion fruit sauce can be this cute

Double Mini Hearts: TWSM Style

One thought on “Sammy Cowell Considers Thanwa as Closest Man In Showbiz

  1. Hi. Would you mind subbing fai ruk game rohn? Since sjdk stopped subbing and closed down, i was hoping someone would sub this show. 😢

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